Rikai is creating Let's Plays and other content!

$3 /mo
Access to the private Patreon feed. You'll be able to see and comment on the private Patreon posts and videos that I may occasionally post updating people on what I've got going on behind the scenes.

$5 /mo
A personal thanks for subscribing either in a video in some form, or in the description of a video.

$10 /mo
Access to patron-exclusive game servers to play on with your fellow patrons as well as myself. I may even occasionally record some content on these servers, meaning you could possibly appear in a v...

$15 /mo
Access to a private discord in which you'll be able to chat and communicate with other patrons (and myself, when I've got free time!) Plus you'll get everything from the previous tiers.

$20 /mo
Access to patron only streams! A private URL will be posted and I'll stream exclusively for you extra special jerks to see! (I am looking into the logistics of doing this currently), plus you'll ge...

$40 /mo
You are freakin' nuts. Thanks so much for your support! You guys at this tier are basically funding my exploration of future content directly, so maybe you should be able to pick what I try? If I g...

$70 /mo
Help decide the direction of the channel content in general. I won't say that I'll always follow your advice, but I'll read or listen to what you have to say and give it special consideration, sinc...

$100 /mo
One time reward: I'll record an episode of a game of your choosing with you. You can record as well if you would like! No guarantees on publishing it as it will depend on the quality, but you can f...