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Behind the Scenes Newsletter With Rikochan!
I'm going to put out a monthly newsletter talking about my progress in bodybuilding and modeling and my plans and hopes and dreams! 
With one subscriber, I'll send a monthly newsletter with at least one picture.

With 10 subscribers, I'll go biweekly and include at least 2 pictures.

With 25 subscribers, I'll go weekly and include at least 3 pictures

If I get more subscribers than that, I'll offer more! 

Note that the pictures in the newsletter may be safe for work, and they may not! But they'll fall within Patreon's R-rated guidelines. These pictures and posts will mostly not appear on my blogs. I might post one or two to convince people to subscribe, but generally these will be only for patreon subscribers. These photos are probably going to be more casual, candid, behind-the-scenes type pictures. 
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Rikochan Photosets!

For 10 per month you'll get photosets that I won't post anywhere else. 

With 1 subscriber, I'll send 12 photos a month. 

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15 subscribers, I'll send 20 photos a month.

20 subscribers, I'll send 25 photos a month. 

If I get more, I'll offer more! 

These pictures will be a mix of casual shots, more produced shots by me, shots by professional photographers, and so on! Some of them might be actual photosets, and some some might be one-off shots. They might be anything from workout shots at my gym to sexy shots in my bed, but they will all stick to Patreon's R-rated guidelines. 

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About Rikochan

Some of you may know me from my bodybuilding and adult work, some of you may know me from my blogging, and maybe a few of you know me from Facebook and Twitter!

Anyhow, I'm a bodybuilder and sex (and sex-work) positive Japanese blogger writing about my life and sexuality the U.S., and I share tons of safe for work and not safe for work photos all over the Web to try and get a little bit of body positivity out there. I also hope to maybe change people's ideas about what it means to be a woman, too, whether you're traditionally girly or big and strong. I like to think I'm a little of both, and I reject the idea that there's only one way to be sexy.

Also, when I say "woman" I don't just mean traditional straight CIS-girls. I'm totally about inclusivity and intersectionality, and some of the most amazing women women I know are gay, trans, poly, wiccan, geeky, nerdy, fat, skinny, and of every color, level of ability, and pronoun there is. My whole point in showing off my body and sexuality is to show that there are other ways to be, and not to judge people who don't look, think, or act like me! 

In addition to all that serious stuff, I'm totally a shy exhibitionist, and I especially love to share my fitness progress pictures online! By "shy exhibitionist," I mean that I show myself off in photos and videos, not in person, and I never show my whole face. I've shared hundreds of my fitness pictures for free. I also share tons of alternative erotica, too. And I sell adult clips on the side to fund all this--every dollar I make on my videos goes into making better content, hiring photographers, costars, and so on. 

Sadly, my camera and camcorder are both six years old, and they're quickly dying. So I'm looking to get a new higher-end camera that can shoot great stills and video and also to maybe to upgrade my home studio a bit, buying a backdrop and a better light, too! No more wrinkly sheets hanging up in the background! Everything that comes in from Patreon will go straight back into my content, making better stuff for you to enjoy!

In exchange, I'm offering pictures that will showcase my progress in bodybuilding, newsletters and Patreon-only posts that will tell you about what's going on behind the scenes, and even videos, too! Note that all of this will fall within Patreon's R-rated guidelines. If you're more interested in my adult stuff, please be aware that subscribing to me here will also help me make better content, there, too!
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I make and give away a ton of content, adult and otherwise. I do that because I want to do my part to change the balance of what's out there as far as ideas of female athleticism, the image of Asian women, erotica, and even porn. 
To pay for my hosting and props and equipment, I sell adult videos on the side. I don't rely on my videos for my income, however. Instead. every penny I make from my adult sideline goes back into my blog and my work, so the more people buy, the more and better pictures, posts, and videos I can make. 

Normally all my expenses are bootstrapped from money I made in previous months. Now, however, I have to invest in new photo and video equipment, after a whole shoot for which I paid a professional photographer and another actor was basically lost because of malfunctioning equipment. It's a big step for me, and my past occasional clip sales just can't cover it under my tight budget. 

So I'm looking to get a new higher-end camera that can shoot great stills and video and also to maybe to upgrade my equipment! If I make enough money, I'll pay for better training, better talent, better photographers...better everything! Every dollar that I make here will go into making the content that I share here better. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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