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NOTE: The video above is one that I made that got a LOT of interesting press, so enjoy it as your freebie!

As you guys know, I post a lot of juicy tidbits on Twitter, videos, art, and tons of education about diversity in tech, math, computer science theory and just generally life. I do work that other people consider consulting and are paid upwards for $500 an hour for.

Just last year, I gave up about $20,000-$30,000 in consulting to a single startup for absolutely free.

But I too, need to make my living. If my work has helped you, or regularly helps you, please help me by paying for it here. Support someone who is supporting you, even if from the sidelines. The more I'm able to cover my bills, the more work I can afford to put out for you guys!

In addition, I've been getting much deeper into game development. I'm working on a small project, that I will release for free soon, and a much larger, much more involved project that will be given away COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE months after release! Patrons who want to will get primo access!

Thanks and much love! 
$16.57 of $150 per month
Send me topics over the course of the month, and at the end of the month I'll pick one and do a video on it! This will go for every month as long as we reach this goal!
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