Riley Serola

is creating Youtube Videos on Travel & Food Reviews
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About Riley Serola

My name is Riley Serola. You can call me a Food Blogger, Critic or Reviewer as I take extreme joy in documenting my food experiences. I absolutely love, live, breathe and sleep food. My number one motivation for going to the gym is to eat even more food.
I also like to travel and vlog, sharing my experiences in the process. The ultimate dream would be to travel for a living (and of course try new food in the process)
My channel has a strong emphasis on food outlets in London. Occasionally you will find content that explores outside of this realm.
If you love food or love to travel then be sure to check out my channel, subscribe and donate whatever it is that you can and follow me on my journey as I travel across London, across the United Kingdom, and abroad documenting my experiences in the process.
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