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For $3 a month, you’ll receive access to the beta versions of all of my apps (that’s right, no more closed betas!). This includes a new Delta beta which adds support for Nintendo DS games, as well as an AltStore beta that adds support for 3rd party Sources, allowing you to download apps from other developers directly through AltStore. Of course, these are just the features currently in beta — expect plenty more to come 🙂

Access to AltStore Discord

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For $5 a month you’ll receive access to the betas as well as an invite to my private Discord server about all-things Delta, AltStore, and my other apps. I’m planning on using Discord to provide real-time development updates, gather feedback (e.g. polls on what features people want most), as well as just generally interacting with everyone. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how it should be structured, so would especially love help from any early backers 😄

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Finally, for $10 a month you’ll receive access to the betas and the private AltStore Discord, and you’ll have your name displayed in AltStore as a special thank you. Oh, and did I mention my undying gratitude? 💜




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About Riley Testut

Hey y’all! I’m Riley, and I make apps.

I’m most well known for creating GBA4iOS, a Game Boy Advance emulator for iOS. 

Since releasing GBA4iOS in 2014, I’ve been working on its successor, Delta, along with an entirely new platform for downloading apps: AltStore. For most of that time I was going to school at USC and supporting myself as a freelancer, but between work and classes I wasn't able devote as much time as I’d like to my own apps (as anyone who has followed Delta’s development knows quite well…). Since graduating in 2018, I was able to use my extra time to finish Delta and have loved every second I’ve spent working on it 😊

....which brings us to today. I feel so lucky to have worked with some amazing companies as a freelancer, but I’ve realized that nothing makes me happier than building apps like Delta that bring people joy, or AltStore which creates an opportunity for apps we've never seen on iOS. My dream would be to do this full time, but alas I also need to keep myself alive (without subjecting anyone to ads), which is where Patreon comes in.

If you enjoy my apps and would like to support me, you’ve come to the right place. There are some great benefits I’m excited to offer if you choose to contribute, but beyond that it’s simple: donating buys me time to work on the projects that are fun for us both 🎉.

No matter what, I can't wait to show you everything I have planned. If you'd like to help me finish these apps faster though by supporting me, you really are helping me accomplish my dream, so thank you from the bottom of my heart 💜.

$5,000 - reached! per month
By making $5000 a month I can afford rent, groceries, and other life expenses, as well as maintain a social life by going out occasionally with friends. Plus it’s a nice round number 🤷♂️
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