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I’m Antje, but online most people know me as Apfel or Ringotan.

As you can see I love to draw cute anime girls ❤
I love the anime crowd so much with all their FanArts, anime music covers and every other bit of fanwork that I decided to contribute to this big ball of happiness as well! You'll find some work to currently airing anime as well to the good old stuff that will always stay in our hearts.
Oh! And some original content as well! ☆

My personal passion are Visual Novels, from Higurashi to MuvLuv to Little Busters, they all fascinate me! I even joined a Visual Novel project with the title Withered Blade which you can download here (and leave a review if you like! ;3) It's currently a Demo, but still pretty long. (~5h) It's not as cute and bubbly, but jammed with action and interesting characters!

Currently I'm rather busy with creating a lot of ultra cute Chibis for my sticker shop, so you'll see lots of those here. But hey, soon you could get those as a reward here~! And with enough man power there will even be polls so you could vote for who to draw next. Awesome, isn't it? ☆

So if you're curious about my work and a true lover of everything cute and ecchi - join!
I'll post links to PSD downloads every so often (at least 2 a month). So if you see an illustration you like and want to snoop on how I manage layers and such - do pledge! There is also always the ecchi option, so I think I got everyone covered here. ;3 Previews will always be free! However I appreciate every bit of support~! ❤
Since I started working on Game Development more seriously there will be posts about such progress as well. I hope you'll take a look once there is a Beta out and let me know what you think!

Thank you so much for showing interest and spreading the word about me, it really helps a lot! And to all my supporters thus far: thank you!
I will continue doing my best and improve even further so I can continue offering everything in the best quality possbile! Thank you all so much~!

59% complete
Every penny will go to straight back into art!
Also I'll be able to pay the monthly fee for some art programs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 304 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 304 exclusive posts

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