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Your friendly neighborhood Palpaca.

  • Early Access to all games and game updates months before they are released to public.
  • Access to patreon exclusive feed, WIP images and sketches.
  • Access to monthly manga pages of extra short stories.
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The trendsetter Coolpaca.

  • All benefits of the Palpaca Tier.
  • Access to nsfw scenes of all future visual novels and story games.
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The must be protected Shypaca.

  • All benefits of the Coolpaca and the Palpaca tiers.
  • Play alpha versions of upcoming story games. (These are short gameplay demos released way before the early access.)
  • See unused or deleted images from released or scrapped games.

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About LarkyLabs

⭐⭐⭐On hiatus until April! Taking a short break!⭐⭐⭐

Important note:
I do not give technical support to MAC OS and my games are not Catalina compatible. Although I do export my games as macs as an option, I will not give tech support if you use mac due to their gaming unfriendly nature and their recent decisions with Catalina.
If you run into any issues using mac, please try to find a solution via google. 💖

Important note 2: Please try not to pledge at the end of the month, as Patreon withdraws your payment every start of the month. (If you pledge for the first time on the 29th, you will be charged again the 1st of the next month.) Check this link for more info!
If you are a new Patron, try to pledge at the start of the month. All of my content is permenant, so you won't be missing anything! 💖

Hey everyone! ❤️

I am Rinmaru, the creator of Ascension, Cardinal Cross and Oathbreaker.

I'm currently working on multiple interactive story games mainly featuring female main characters.
LarkyLabs Limited is the UK based indie video game company I recently started. You can find more information about it here!

You can find my first commercial game Cardinal Cross on Steam.

And my free to play story game Oathbreaker on!

I always enjoy sharing the progress of my games with everyone, listening to feedback and suggestions as I want to keep on improving my games.

Patreon is a perfect opportunity for me to be more in touch with your feedback and include you in the process of making games!

But what's in it for you?

  • ⭐ I will share my entire working progress with you. Showing you exclusive sketches and demos of my games.

  • ⭐ As Patreon supporters you will have early access to all new episode/chapters months before they are released to public.

  • ⭐ You will be able to access to NSFW versions of my Visual Novels. (Animated and/or interactive steamy scenes with sfx.)

  • ⭐ Monthly NSFW mini-games (Touching/Teasing characters from my VNs)

  • ⭐ Monthly manga pages of short stories.

  • ⭐ Monthly funny behind the scenes images of games.
82% complete
If reached, I will hire an additional writer to help me finish games/chapters faster.
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