Riptiders is creating Comics


$1 /mo
Mark Level - For being a dedicated superfan, you get a hi-res PDF file of each completed issue of Riptiders©, with exclusive artwork and bonus ads from our galaxy! It's showtime!


$5 /mo
Smark Level - You know a deal when you see one! Not only do you get a hi-res PDF, you also get to bring a sign to a show and have it seen on camera in a Riptiders© race! What will your sign say? It...


$10 /mo
VIP level - Big shot rolling through here! You not only get the PDF, get to bring a sign to a Riptiders© show, but you also get a print of your favorite Riptider! Only the best for the most die-har...


$25 /mo
Insider level - For the fan who wants more out of Riptiders© then what's shown on the screen. You want to go behind the scenes and get the real dirt towels on what goes backstage! You get the PDF, ...


$50 /mo
Manager Level - You're smart to the business, no need in working you. You get PDF, bring a sign, a print, submit a question, and a personalized sketch of your favorite Riptider©.


$100 /mo
Booker Level - You love the business, and now wanna help run the show? You get the PDF, the sign, a print, the question, the sketch, call a spot, AND you get to make your own Riptider. WARNING: It ...