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About Rise 'n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore.

"Rise 'n Shine! Not Just for Mornings Anymore" is a weekly, LIVE, family friendly radio show co-hosted by Lori Anne Rising and Uncle Mark Olmstead.

Our mission is to help create a world that works for everyone by focusing on how to rise and shine as individuals each day. We strive to remember that there are no small acts, and all choices have ripple effects. To create lasting happiness, healthy families and a thriving planet, we must challenge pre-conceived thoughts, beliefs and habits, while cultivating deeper gratitude.

Throughout the show, we talk with authors, musicians and innovators. Some guests may remind you of things that you already know but appreciate hearing again. Others may stretch the limits of what you now consider reality, presenting the opportunity for growth and transformation.

All our guests have one thing in common though: like us, they are actively engaged in helping make the world a better place in their own unique ways. They’re taking risks, rising above the past, and shining their most authentic light to help create a world where even our grandchildren’s children can thrive.

Our first show aired on Tuesday, April 21, 2020 at Noon Pacific on the Voice America Variety Channel. 

No, we're not your typical, fly-by-night podcast. 

We are grateful to work with a well-established radio network! Voice America was established in the 1990's and attracts about 5 million listeners to their 240+ shows every MONTH. They also provide technical support and some marketing advantages. Because of Voice America, our show is not only LIVE each week, but also recorded and replayed across the Voice America network AND 8+ other platforms including iTunes, iHeart Radio, Apply, Podbean and others. 

While the average podcast gets about 140 downloads in their first 30 days, if they're doing well, we've gotten over 400 downloads in our first 15 days! We absolutely KNOW it's because of the power of the Voice America Network. 

But it's NOT free to produce a high quality, weekly show! Let alone get it marketed so that people know we exist.

We have, and continue to, invest our own time, money and resources into making this show a complete success! We are committed to seeing what's possible and following through on the commitment we've made. 

On average it costs us about $1,000 per week to produce this show! 

Behind the scenes, we spent 40+ hours per week for two months getting ready to launch the show.

And we continue to invest  5-10 hours of researching each week to find guests who align with our mission, reach out to them and make sure we're creating a win-win-win for them, for us, and most importantly, for YOU. 

Plus, 20-30 hours of marketing, promotional and preparation activities each week to ensure we're ready for each show AND paving the way for future shows at the same time.

We're not just relying on Voice America's network to make this a success. We have 20+ social media networks we're managing, plus additional podcasting streams and YouTube channels we're using to spread the word. 

At the same time, both of us are creatives with our own gifts and talents we're sharing along the way. Lori Anne is an award-winning author and an occasional poet. Uncle Mark is a poet, singer-song writer, musician and award-winning children's author. 

Ultimately, our vision includes (but certainly isn't limited to):
  • Reaching the tipping point where we have potential guests reaching out to us...
  • Reaching the listener threshold of 20,000+ per month that opens the door to the network's sponsorship program for additional financial support...
  • Being able to hire a paid assistant to handle the bulk of the weekly, ongoing tasks that keep the show running so that we can focus on the direction of the show as well as our own creative pursuits... 
  • Creating a lively, international, interactive community of engaged citizens working together to make this world truly work for everyone...
  • Taking this show on the road - literally - to meet listeners and guests along the way, set up music concerts and/or live readings, and share our experiences of the people and places we discover along the way (when things clear up, of course, and travel makes sense again).

All of which adds up to being able to give even more of our own gifts to the world while continuing to support and lift up others who are sharing their gifts with the world too.

Together, we can ALL rise and shine!

But, if we're going to reach our dreams - and help others achieve theirs - we need your support.

Here are a few ways that would really help....
  • Listen to the show regularly! Visit www.RiseandShineAsOne.com to check out upcoming guests, find replay links for shows you missed, and more!
  • SHARE this page - and the show! - with family and friends who want more to "Rise and Shine" for in their day! 
  • Join our F.A.N Club right here on Patreon. There are 6 levels available now, and we'll be adding value and benefits to them all the time. In fact, we started adding bonus material before we even launched the show!
  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even YouTube! Share posts and updates with others, and keep up-to-date on what we're working on. 
  • If you, or someone you know, might make a great guest, let us know! Email us at [email protected] 

All funds raised are used to ensure we stay on the air and continue to have high quality guests, create and share more valuable content (both on and off the show!), and keep Rising and Shining each week!

Until next time...

Keep Rising and Shining!
Lori Anne & Uncle Mark

Lori Anne Rising is an international award-winning author whose message of rising and overcoming, heals hearts and makes dreams a reality. Visit www.LoriAnneRising.com to learn more. Uncle Mark Olmstead is an international award-winning children's author, and singer-songwriter, whose message of shining our true light brings families closer together. Visit www.TrueSunbeam.com to learn more.

Together we "rise and shine!"

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 31 exclusive posts
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