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About Ritual Casting


My name is Ben and I'm a digital sculptor who creates pin-up and femme fatale inspired 3D printable statues of original badass female characters.

At the beginning of each month I release a detailed 1:10 scale model and bust version (where appropriate) fused with other genres for my patrons to print on their own 3D printers. You can expect anything from alluring angelic warriors and sexy cybernetic super soldiers to sultry sorceresses and beguiling demon queens, each available as Safe For Work (SFW) or Not Safe For Work (NSFW) versions and most with various other modular options.

I do not make miniatures, it's just not where my passion lies. If you're interested in detailed sculptures depicting beautiful and sensual characters as display pieces or painting projects then this is the place for you.

NSFW Warning: While my work will never contain overt sexual content, nudity will be common.

Why Patreon?

Thanks to my Patrons this is now my full time job, making it possible for me to do this as my main income and to free up more time so I can work on other projects outside of the current focus of this Patreon campaign. Thanks to your funding I am now free to spend my time being creative, sculpting cool stuff for you kind folks and expanding my list of projects, including an upcoming Kickstarter and collaborations with other artists and model painters.

What Do I Get?

Based on the standard Hero Tier subscription, as soon as you sign up and payment is received you get:

Access to my Discord server - If you've linked Discord with Patreon you will be automatically joined into my Discord server that I'm happy to say has a great community full of helpful people and a whole lot of memes.
Access to The Trove - A perpetually growing welcome pack of over 10 models (and counting) and busts of various themes, most are pre-supported and ready to print. More on The Trove further down the page.
Vote on the Poll - Each month I update the poll with new concept art. Pick your favourite from a choice of 3 options. The winner is what I work on next. You will also receive high resolution PNGs of the artwork.
4K Renders - Renders of the Monthly Model from different angles in both SFW, NSFW, with branding or with logo only. 
Work In Progress - I share Work in Progress images throughout the month to show progress and these are also downloadable as full HD images each month.
• 30% Store Discount - All Patrons of all levels receive a 30% discount on my online store at https://ritualcasting.com/ via a discount code shared each month that is valid for the remainder of the month.
The Monthly Model Release Pack - The 1/10 scale model pack includes
1/10 scale sculpture - The model of the month in 1/10 scale available in SFW, NSFW as combined, multi-part and pre-supported STLs.
• 1/10 scale bust version (where appropriate) - A bust version of the main model when a bust version is appropriate and makes sense. Available in SFW, NSFW, as combined, multi-part and pre-supported STLs with a simple and special base.
• Model variations - Most of my models have at least a few variations, this may include heads with different hair styles, switchable weapons and clothing variations.
 Magnet wells (where possible) - To make painting easier most parts of my models have slots for magnets to be inserted. Magnet sizes depend on the contact points of the model parts. Usually I aim for 6x3 round magnet wells but 4x2 may feature for smaller areas.
• Patron Only painting practice texture swatch (where possible) - For those new to painting or wary of jumping into painting a large model, I create a texture swatch of all the most prominent textures used on the model. These can range from leather and cloth to embroidery details and ornamental patterns so you can practice before applying paint to the full model. Some models may not have a lot of texture on them and thus will not have a texture swatch.
• Patron Only bonus item - These are small bonus trinkets that I give away, usually themed from the monthly sculpt. These can range from small jewellery items and charms to 1:1 scale weaponry. 

Examples of previous releases

A Note Regarding STLs:  All of my STLs will be provided with no additional need for repair or clean up. When models are sculpted they are often made up of multiple parts and combined together to form a single piece, but doing so causes issues (especially with resin printers). All of my parts are combined as boolean operations, meaning they are a single contiguous mesh and don't have any random hollows inside. They are then processed with NetFabb and any necessary repairs are carried out. This allows for straight forward hollowing and no need for any manual clean up work on your part should you prefer to not use the pre-supported files.

A Note About Combined STLs:I used to include combined STLs of all of the variations of the model. This took up a considerable amount of time, storage space and was a nightmare to manage should something need changing. It also inflated the zip files to the point where some patrons were limited to what they could download thanks to the internet infrastructure where they lived. There have been upwards of 36 variations with options for the statue and bust versions. This is not sustainable and so the combined STLs will only include the "canon" variant of the character as depicted in the poll's concept art.

When Am I Billed?

You will be billed upon subscribing to your chosen Tier and immediately gain access to the rewards for that Tier for the remainder of the month. You will then be billed at the beginning of each month as long as you continue the subscription.

About The Polls

At the start of each month I will put out a poll with 3 options to choose from. The winner of the poll will be the sculpture I work on next. For example, if I released a poll at the beginning of September, I would work on the winning idea during October and release it in November. The winner of October's poll will be worked on during November and released in December.

The polls will be accompanied by illustrations of the intended design. They will by no means be works of art, but should give an indication of what can be expected. These sketches will be made available as PNGs for you to download and keep, should you wish.

A new option will be added in the place of the winner and further down the line if there is an idea that consistently gets few to no votes they will be cycled out for a new design. There will always be at least one new design added.

While I put a lot of effort into making the designs as high quality as possible please note that while I used to dabble in illustration, I have primarily been a 3D sculptor for the last decade. Please also note that while a design might work in 2D it may not work in 3D and modifications may need to be made to accommodate this.

The Trove

As a thanks for taking a leap of faith and supporting me, I've put together a welcome pack I refer to as The Trove that consists of 14 sculptures at the time of writing this. The Trove includes Augmented Beauty, my first monthly sculpt for September 2019. She will be available for all. Augmented Beauty was my first pin-up sculpt so it feels fitting to have her be always available for new patrons.

Each model is already cut and keyed to allow easier and more flexible printing and most of them are pre-supported. While the focus of my monthly sculptures will be pin-ups, femme fatale and badass heroines I will be updating The Trove over time and when I meet Patreon Goals, adding in completely unique sculptures or models of various themes, not just pin-ups.
Below is just a small selection of what's currently in The Trove. Adding images for each new thing will make this page longer than it already is so I'll be keeping this Google Photos Album up to date instead https://photos.app.goo.gl/BoNHDfQyWVafMWCY6

How Do I Get My Stuff?

I now use Itch.io for content distribution. Using Itch.io allows you to keep your rewards in a digital library where you will always have access to them and receive updates later down the line should I need to fix any problems with the files. At the beginning of the month, upon completion of the Patreon billing cycle (usually this is the 3rd of each month), I post a Content Link post. In this post I provide claim links for the releases hosted on Itch.io.

After clicking this link you will be prompted to sign up to Itch or login if you already have an account and it will then link your account to Patreon. It takes no time to complete and is a one off part of the process. Once you have claimed the reward it will appear in your library and you can download the files from it at any point.

These links will be active until the end of the month so grab your files ASAP. 

Since Patreon's interface can get a little messy I also maintain a sticky Index post. It is pinned to be the first post on my Patreon feed and is updated each month with links to all of the relevant posts of the month so it is easy to find what you're looking for.

Can I Still Get a Model I Missed?

Patrons who missed the previous month's release can purchase them at my online store using the discount code to get the models for close to the same price as if they had subscribed for that month.

Can I Sell Prints?

ATTENTION: Merchant Tier has now reached it's cap, there will no longer be any additional merchant slots available.

With the exception of the Merchant tier, under no circumstances are any files, STLs, 3D prints, casts, images or any other material distributed by myself to be sold.  If you are a subscriber of the Merchant Tier then the below rules apply:

• You may only sell 3D prints of my models. No moulds, no casts, or any other means of reproduction.

• Where possible, clear credit must be given naming me (Ben Douglas, or as Ritual Casting) as the sculptor/creator.  Should you post online or via social media a link to my Patreon, social media, or website (when it launches) would be most appreciated.

• Your right to sell 3D prints of my models lasts only as long as your subscription to the merchant tier. Should you cancel the Merchant Tier subscription, you will no longer be permitted to sell prints of my models.

• Upon signing up to Merchant Tier you are to message me with a link to your storefront so that I may list your store on my website where I direct anyone looking for physical purchases. 

• I reserve the right to remove patrons from this tier at my own discretion.

Thank You!

Thanks to everyone who supports me! Your support means the world whether you're a patron or not. If you can't pledge a tier please feel free to visit my social media and share around, anything is very much appreciated!

All the best!

450 - reached! patrons
Bust version of Gunnhild, She-wolf of the White Wastes, will be added to The Trove
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