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About River City Charlie

River City Charlie is a term used as an alert that all communication needs to be shut down on a military installation. Usually because there has been bloodshed/death on base. It's sounded so families who need to be notified will receive information through the proper channels. Unfortunately, if the death is due to a crime, this "shut down" of communication is impossible to lift.

We are two of the co-founders of Military Families for Justice,a free resource organization devoted to helping military families navigate the justice system. We have created this podcast so you can hear vital parts of amazing stories that are usually left on the cutting room floor by mass media - if they are covered at all. We strive to adhere to the highest journalistic integrity. We do our own research and interviews. We will always properly cite source material and even invite the originator of such material on the podcast for an interview. We believe that anyone who pours their time, energy and soul into exposing these crimes deserves proper credit for their work.

What started as a mission to help bereaved military families find justice has transformed into a mission to give them and our nation's service members a voice.

These stories are, to say the least, strange. While you may find us at times sarcastic, such sarcasm is never about the crime and its victims - it is about the people and system who have failed these victims in a spectacular manner.

Thank you for your support!

Author, Cilla McCain
Lt. Col. Tracy Shue, USAF (Ret),

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We are regularly contacted by military crime victims and survivors who may never have their cases heard in a court of law. These cases require extensive research to produce properly.The closer we get to the goal, the more cases we can bring to light. Bereaved families who dispute the manner of death ruling by military investigators have no legal forum to take their own amassed evidence contradicting the military! That's right! No unbiased court in the land is bound by law to hear these families out!  But we can certainly bring them to you: The powerful court of public opinion!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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