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The River Jordan Undercover Reader Posse 

If you haven't already been a part of this you have no idea how much fun we are having but NOW you can JOIN IN!

You will receive selective top secret insider scoops, emails, stories of the story behind the story, and fresh new reads from the work in progress and crazy discussions about title options. Tune in to an energetic, live weekly call on Saturday at High NOON about the writing process. We spend about 15-20 mins talking about all kinds of things including that great mystery novel in progress and get advance news of fun events on the horizon as the novel progresses to that great state known as -- it's IN YOUR HANDS! 

This call has been going on for months now with patrons who paid a year in advance and it has been one of the most fun things I've ever done. It's a big live, ongoing love letter to readers for being a part of my life and supporting my work.

This is also a great gift idea for anyone interested in becoming a writer because it's a real life look at the down and dirty work of juggling a family, a grocery list, getting your oil changed and meeting your deadlines. 

(Those who can't participate live on Saturday's at HIGH NOON receive recordings or links to listen in. )




Dear Patrons,

For some of you I'm a familiar face and friend. If you'd like to find out more in depth info you can find my long bio on my website. 

The bottom line.  I’ve also never been a place where I appreciated you as much as I do now.
This is how I see that happening in my life. What used to be important to me in my 20’s, things like fame, no longer are of the least most importance. What used to be a blip on my screen, things like making a human connection, have become paramount and filled with purpose.

Your support of  my work and presence in my life mean the world to me. If you’d be interested in being a part of that work continuing and being even more prolific you'll find a few wonderful ways you can participate through this Patreon page.

My pledge to you. For the next 3 months through Patreon (and beyond if we are having a blast and our life times permit) To give you my best. To tell stories, write stories, whisper stories in your ear. To give you top secret insider info as to what’s going on behind the page in my publishing world. To sneak you words on sly and down low before they are published while the ink is still wet on the page. To keep showing up on the page and podcast because you are here. Listening. Reading. And being such an important part of my life.

The Levels.

For Three Months (just the next 12 weeks) I've established the following levels for participation. I'll touch base to let you know if life demands will allow me to continue into the new year of 2019. 

The powers that be say levels are good are good so levels are here. Although – as you and I both know, we are equal the two of us and that we are all in this thing together. But I realize we are not all in the same spot each day time wise, money wise, or energy wise. So here is the cool thing, you can commit to a level today and you can change your level (or cancel completely) next month without worries or a hassle. And I promise if your life changes and your commitment has to change with it, I won’t take it personal.

This past year I’ve enjoyed two new things immensely: creating the Undercover Reader Posse (which will continue beyond 12 weeks into the sweet by and by) and teaching the Phonebooth Writer Series. They have inspired me and both sharing words and worlds in the making has helped me connect with readers in entirely new and exciting ways and teaching has been enlightening and helped writers to manifest making their dreams come true which in turn lights a new fire in me!

Because of this I’m incorporating these two things into the new Patreon page so that more people can enjoy participating (the weekly writing classes are blow your socks clean off great) and that I can enjoy the freedom of creating more stories, more podcasts, and more of the good stuff that stories are made of.

If you like what I write and find it brings joy, humor, meaning and inspiration to your life please consider supporting my work here on Patreon. You can pledge at your happy level (I've tried to include something for everyone) and also cancel or change your pledge at any time. In return, I promise I’ll keep bringing the best of me to share with the all of you.

Your fan,

River Jordan

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