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You're here, helping fund this little adventure of mine, and I appreciate that so much.
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So much appreciation for your support.  Seriously.  Y'all rock.  Sporadic postcards or notes will be A Thing In Your Life.
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Much like the $3 tier, perks include my undying appreciation, and the occasional note or bit of random art in the mail from time to time.  I can't promise regularity, but I can promise care and forethought.




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I'm an artist, teller of tales, and wanderer.  My dream in life is to be able to travel, explore new places, meet new people, and share stories from my experiences and the things I find along the way.  This life, though, needs help and support from others both financially (let's face it, travel isn't cheap and my ridiculous cats eat a surprising amount of food) and experientially.  Yes, that's totally a word.  Travel is food and stories are air for me, but without folks to share those stories with, it's that gets lonely.  Art and stories are meant to be shared among friends, and I would love it you would help me get out there on the road so I can do this.

I also have a website at where art gets posted for sale sometimes.  Normally Patreon Patrons get early access to all new posts, as a perk of subscribing, before cross-posts are published but due to current world events (namely, pandemic), I couldn't bear to put a paywall up to keep people out.  Please contribute if you can, as this is my only source of income right now, and my cats like to eat.

Here's to open roads, interesting finds, and a life of exploration and wonder.  Won't you please join me?
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$200 a month helps cover things like gas, truck maintenance, cat food, art supplies... all the things that let me do this crazy plan of mine.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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