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If you pledge $50 or more, than you will receive a monthly commission from yours truly, active the month after you pledge. :D

$50 is the base, and will get you a commission of up to 3 characters w/out a speedpaint, or 2 characters w/ a speedpaint.
The amount of characters increases as your pledge increases (so $60 means up to 4 characters, $70 means up to 5 characters, etc.)

I will send you a message here on Patreon asking what you would like your commission to look like for that month, and it should be posted within the month (although there can be delays into the next month.)

You can quit this any time, however if you decide to only pledge this for one month (using it as a way to bypass the raffle system), you must wait until the payment is actually sent (you can't pledge and then immediately unpledge. ^^; )

If you have any questions about this, let me know via message on Deviantart, or here on Patreon. :)




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About River Spirit

Hello Everyone!

I am known as River or River Spirit. I am a starting artist who would like to progress in the digital and traditional fields. At the moment I draw scenes and make short animations based on various books, games, and shows which I enjoy. I also do commissions of people's original characters, so if you are interested in receiving art for me, information on commissions can be found on my Deviantart Profile. 

I am here on Patreon to ask if anyone is willing to donate and help me along the path to become a professional artist. All money made here goes straight to my college fund, and I appreciate every cent I receive. By no means does anyone have to donate, and I hope no one feels guilty if they can't or don't want to donate. Even if I receive nothing on this site, I will continue to progress with determination! This is just for a...a bit of help.

If you don't want to donate or can't, you can still help me out by subscribing to my Youtube channel, watching me on DA, or just leaving a comment on any of my videos or drawings! I love constructive criticism, so please give any advice you have! :)

If you want to contact me, you can note me on DeviantArt (Riverspirit456), or send me an email using my Website (link is on my Patreon page, and in the About page on my Youtube Channel).

Thank you for stopping by! I wish you happiness, creativity, and I hope you have an awesome day!

   - River

~High On Life - You Should Try It ~

$8.19 of $100 per month
I wish to earn enough for college, as well as give something back to all those who helped me, or need help.
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