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On top of the Doc Troy sticker and access to the newsletter, our generous $5 patrons will be credited as Patreon Producers at the end of each episode!




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We are Riverway Media, a two-person production company based out of Troy, NY. Troy is an incredibly special place with a rich but tumultuous history. As a result, it's a city that is constantly changing, and we feel the need to capture some of that change. The result is Document Troy: a passion project that we have been developing since early spring 2019. Document Troy will be an ongoing series of mini documentaries that cover different things in Troy that we find to be unique, historical, and interesting.

So how will this work?
Because we both work full time (on top of running Riverway Media,) Document Troy can only be created during the small amounts of free time we have. As a result, we estimate that we can only release an episode roughly every two months. We are creating this Patreon to help make the time investment worth it, and to help cover production costs. Because of the irregular release schedule this is a PER RELEASE setup rather than monthly. The series will be free to the public to view online, but Patrons will have extra benefits while also feeling good about supporting local documentary work. We know recurring subscriptions can add up, so we tried to keep the cost low for our subscribers.

Check out our first Document Troy episode to get a feel for the project!

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