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is creating Rizzo Island: A Video Game Tribute to My Late Uncle Tom Rizzo

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Here is the demo for the game: Rizzo Island Demo

This is a project with one goal: make a game dedicated to my late uncle Tom Rizzo's music

My Uncle Tom Rizzo died in 2016 and he left a lot of his music behind. While his music career wasn't as successful as he wanted it to be, I thought it would make great video game music for a game dedicated to him. I always liked the Dreamcast console, but was never good at coding. When I heard about the awesome guy Mankrip who ported the Quake engine to the Dreamcast, I was ecstatic! However, my joy was short lived as I realized that this port, while miraculous, wasn't able to bring my vision fully to life. I have been working for 1 year on the project with vanilla makaqu and it just can't give my true vision of the game. I then decided to switch development over to Dreamplaces, because it had more features, but that proved difficult as well. So I then decided to sponsor a new Quake port, and now, we have nuquake: a 60 FPS GLQuake port for Windows and DC! However, it still needs some work, so we need funding for that as well, as paying out of pocket has become expensive!

As you can see, the textures in the game are simplistic. This is on purpose because, in the beginning, the Makaqu Quake engine was not up to par with modern standards and had blurry images. That's why I decided to take a minimalist approach to the aesthetic instead of trying to make it look advanced as possible. It also allows for faster game development and the illusion of better rendering! We have, however, decided to move to the NuQuake hardware accelerated GLQuake Dreamcast port from mrneo240, which we are sponsoring.

The Project Requirements:
I need a bit of funding to pay for the coders and the model makers. I can design every level, and have even made a demo level to test how far I could push the vanilla Makaqu engine, but it is not as crisp as I'd like it to be. However, like I stated before, NuQuake has allowed for better speeds at higher resolutions. However, my QuakeC coder and my 3D modelers and artists need to get paid, and this is currently the best way I can afford to while earning my wages at my other job.

Game Story:
Tom is flying over the ocean, looking for a great place to chill, when suddenly, WHOOPS!!! He's fallen out of his Psychedelevator! Now he needs to hop from island to island to get back to where it crashed to before it fell out! Help Tom platform his way across various islands in an attempt to get back home! Whack enemies with your surfboard to get them off your back, find each key to unlock the tunnel that leads you to the next island, and visit places like a lost temple, a volcano island, and many others!

Currently on the team:
David Croshaw - Project Head, Game Designer, Level Designer, Environment Artist,
                            Engine Dev, Environment Texture Artist
mrneo240 - Dreamcast Quake Engine Porter
Trym Horgen - 3D Modeler and Animator
Tom Nichols - 3D Modeler and Animator
Patrick Sherry - Debugger/Game Tester
Tim Mask - Debugger/Game Tester
seadart - Debugger/Game Tester
vkuiyfhj - Debugger/Game Tester

Special Thanks to:
My Aunt - For giving me permission to make this.
My Dad - For giving me a lot of inspiration
My Mom - For putting up with me!
All those on the DCemulation Forums, Dreamcast-Talk Forums, and Reddit
Thank you to all our backers and I hope you support this project!
$16 of $300 per month
Able to pay our engine coder to finish NuQuake (GLQuake for Dreamcast)
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