Roger Fernandes is creating illustrations, comics and homoerotic NSFW

$1 /mo
exclusive NSFW content available, sketches and one sketch comission per month for you <3

$5 /mo
Raffle Art
Each month will be raffled a supporter, the winner will receive an exclusive personalized illustration.

* can be drawn to gain a printed poster as well.

$10 /mo
Personalized Quick Sketch
Every two weeks I will make a custom quick sketch for you.

$25 /mo
Wallpaper + PDF download of Last Resort comic (every finished chatper)
Every month wins a wallpaper and you can download all episodes of Last Resort.

$100 /mo
Crowned Commission
A commission a month with you the way you want at Last Resort universe

*this includes requests for NSFW, although I am not very good with this kind of illustrations