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About Leon

★Welcome Nightcore fans!★
Im Leon and im the one uploading all of the nightcore videos to YouTube channel, Nightcore Station. So what is Patreo? Patreon is a site where you can support your favorite content creators. In this case, help me to create more nightcore videos and improve the quality of my uploads! If you want to become my supporter, here are some of the ways you will help me in improving my channel.

★Time Spend doing Nightcore Videos★
Im always trying to find new ways to improve my nightcore videos. I put quality over quantity and im always trying to make new and interesting designs for my uploads. Usually, i spend up to two weeks making new design for my uploads. As you can see, this can get a little time consuming. If you support me i will be able to spend more time making videos. That would be awesome!

Can i eat that? I do not have monetization enabled, that means i do not earn anything from my videos on YouTube. Limitation of the ads is a top priority for me, of course you can see some ads in my videos, that is because YouTube puts them there and some third parties makes money from it. I want to keep my videos available everywhere at all times and dont want to annoy you with ad spamming (we all hate that, dont we ?).

★Why do i even do all this?★
I have started my channel because i wanted to share what i love and enjoy the most. That being anime and japanese pop-culture overall. I found this to be the best choice for me at the time when i started my channel. That didnt and wont change.
Right now i struggle in London so it would be awesome if you could help me by donating just 1 dollar.
Everything counts! If you are interested in supporting me, than by all means check out some rewards that are awaiting you for supporting me!(down below) If you dont want to or dont have the means to support me, dont worry, my uploads will alway be for free on YouTube!
(If you have any questions contact me on FB page/g+/youtube/MAL)
Thank you very much!
Leon~~ Peace out !

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More frequent uploads :-P.
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