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About Rachel Lindsay

Hello- I'm Rachel Lindsay. I have a book, RX: A Graphic Memoir, and a comic strip, Rachel Lives Here Now

I am setting up this Patreon as my site for NEW WORK

If you've followed my work for a while, you'll know that nearly all of my comics have been free to the public. If those strips have proven worthy of a few dollars, please contribute to a good cause...me making comics!

Pay monthly at different $$ tiers for access to different content. You will thusly make it possible for me to bring to life all of the comics I tabled while I did my weekly strip and made my graphic novel [see below for folders of unmade comics I have stared at everyday for years].

Just create an account, set an amount, load up your card, and you will be charged monthly. You can cancel or change your pledge amount at any time. More questions? See the FAQs

I appreciate your support!!

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