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Slicing Up The Creativity
Creative people live in a world filled with false promises and expensive learning curves. In every direction we turn, there are people who want a slice of the creativity... but only for the purpose of lining their own pockets. Yet in order to learn who is honest and who is a mere taker, we must first walk the walk and pay the costs. Research helps, but only to a limit.

Perhaps these statements ring of bitterness. Be not confused. I am merely bringing out the obvious. We write because of the story that presses from within. We write because to do less would be unforgivable. Yet the process is often hindered by the overwhelming demand on time that must go into finding artwork, crafting a cover, publishing and promoting our finished work. False turns are expensive, not only in funds but also in creativity loss.

Successful Creativity Demands A Business Mindset.

To successfully bring a book or even a short story to market is often more costly and more time consuming than the process of writing, editing and completing the story itself. It would be wonderful if we could simply move from story to story and book to book.

Yet without sales, there is no income. Without income, there is even less time for writing. Thus we are driven to sale what we write. Yet selling a product demands a business mindset. This puts even more pressure on the writer, making ever harder to focus on the characters, plots and twists that make for a great story.

Writing For Pay

I am retired. For years I have worked as a ghost writer on blogs dealing with the likes of air conditioners, roofing, programming, rodents, pets and more. Throughout it all I have kept various novels in work. But time never permitted me to complete those things I love most dearly. And some of the stories began life over twenty years ago. Sometimes I wonder what the characters do while waiting for me to come back into their world. They are old friends. I pray they have not died during this long wait.

To Any Who Are Willing To Help Support My Creative Efforts

Hey. I get by. And I may be a bit too proud. This asking for support goes not easy on my spirit. Yet to any who are willing to help further my creative efforts, rest assured: I will provide quality in exchange for support.

Take a chance on a man who has finally decided to end the suffering of his characters. At the beginning of this year, I purposed to put an end to my work for hire ghost writing. I am now free to release the characters in my mind and in the stories I have begun but not yet finished. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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