Kris Schroeder is creating a blog about Huskies, Fulltime RV living, Travel, Cooking, and N

$5 /mo
Receive a shout-out on my blog and on our Instagram @Legendofpuppy

$15 /mo
I will add a park/hike/campsite/recipe of your choosing to our itinerary.

$25 /mo
I will love you eternally in addition to the rewards for lesser amounts. I will give you a terrifying video tour of Road Goblin camp.

$50 /mo
Access to exclusive content on my blog as well as all the previous awards.  You will also have the option to read early drafts of my insane novels if you so choose.

$100 /mo
I will find you and I will hug you until you have just as much husky fur on your clothes as I do (seriously, I will visit you in my travels if you aren't too afraid of me).  Oh and all the stuff yo...