Roads Beyond the Known

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Five friends on a mission of discovery.

It all began in 2009 when Joey and Tonya Madia were exploring Point Pleasant, WV--home of the Mothman--and encountered an interdimensional being.

Since that time, they have been exploring the paranormal. Or, as Joey likes to say: “The paranormal was investigating us, so we decided to investigate it back.”

From 2016-2018 they were the lead investigators for weekly tours of the haunted Webb Memorial Library and Civic Center in Morehead City, NC. 72 investigations, over 150 hours, and encounters with ghosts, interdimensionals, and spectral MIB. The investigation has resulted in Watch Out For the Hallway: Our Two-Year Investigation of the Most Haunted Library in North Carolina, published by Visionary Living in September 2018.

Joined by their long-time collaborators Eric and Amy Vasbinder--with help from investigator and lecturer Steve Ward--they will be chronicling their visits to a variety of haunted locations, places where various cryptids have been seen, as well as geographic hotspots like Serpent Mound in Ohio and Moundsville, WV.

No tricks, no clever edits, no pre-arranged jump scares. Just five friends with a unique combination of skills and a curiosity about what they’ll find on the Roads beyond the Known.
Roads beyond the Known is a paranormal web series produced by Vasbinder Entertainment LLC and New Mystics Enterprises, Inc.
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