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About @roadtobedlam

When i was 12 werks pregnant with my daughter they told me she was dying and it was only a matter of time. They told me she had a 90% chance of dying before i could meet her. I spent the next twelve weeks going to check her heartbeat 3 times a week. So when she passed we could welcome her sleeping. At 24 weeks they told us the cystic hygroma killing her had miraculously disappeared. It was then they found her congenital heart condition and her chances were better but still uncertian. She was born 6 weeks early with Downs syndrome and stayed in nicu for a month was home for one week and the unthinkable happened. We were told her heart condition was not a threat at the moment, she needed to be stronger before the open heart surgery to build all 4 chambers of her heart could be done. My husband just happened to wake up to use the restroom and found her struggling to breathe. She was rushed to picu and intubated immediately for respiratory failure due to pneumonia. A week later she had open heart surgery. The same week she was originally due to be born. She had a hard recovery but is doing so well. She is doing things that they said she wouldnt yet. She is a rockstar! 
Please join us on our journey LIVING with Downs Syndrome. Xoxox

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