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ROAR: reflecting on a revolution since 2011

Welcome to our Patreon page, compas! We are Jerome Roos and Joris Leverink, editors of ROAR Magazine, an independent journal of social movements and radical democratic politics.

About ROAR:

We started ROAR in 2011 with the aim of building a platform for scholars, activists and independent journalists to provide grassroots perspectives on some of the most pressing global challenges of our time. Since then, our project has evolved into a multimedia loudspeaker for contemporary social movements and an intellectual breeding ground for critical analysis and revolutionary ideas.

Over the years, we have published thousands of essays, films and blog posts by hundreds of contributors from all over the globe. In late 2015, we launched a new website and have since then released eight beautifully designed thematic print issues and one online double issue. We’ve done all of this on a volunteer basis, just the two of us, working closely with our art director Bojan Kanizaj and an international network of writers, filmmakers and illustrators.

Our plans:

In 2019 we’ll be returning to our roots as an online magazine. On the one hand, this will allow us much greater flexibility in terms of our web content: it will free up time and enable us to respond much faster to ongoing political developments. On the other hand, however, discontinuing the print version means that we’ll be losing our subscriber revenue, which is currently ROAR’s only source of income.

Enter Patreon, a service that allows users to support independent projects like ours by pledging a recurring monthly contribution of their own choosing, from each according to their ability. It’s not quite full communism, but hey, ROAR's gotta pay its bills too!

Become a ROAR patron:

If you'd like to support our project, all you need to do is choose an amount. Even if it’s just a few bucks a month, collectively it'll add up and make a huge difference. Think of it as buying a friend a beer or a coffee every now and then — except we’ll spend the money on covering social struggles, cultivating the radical imagination and infecting the minds of the youth with a ruthless criticism of all that exists.

Concretely, your solidarity will help us in a number of ways:

  • To release regular thematic ROAR issues online;
  • To commission timely content on ongoing social struggles;
  • To hire a part-time managing editor and copy-editor to help us speed up and streamline the online publishing process;
  • If sufficient funding comes in, to start a brand new ROAR podcast.

What you'll get: 

In return for your contribution, we'll send you the fully-illustrated PDFs of all our past print issues, give you early access to all future online issues, and share behind-the-scenes editorial updates on upcoming ROAR projects and content via our Patreon blog.

More importantly, however, your pledge will help us sustain a unique self-managed publishing project into the tumultuous times that lie ahead, building our collective power as a movement and strengthening the voices of activists around the world. Please consider making a small contribution — we'll be immensely grateful for your support.

In solidarity,
Jerome & Joris
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Socialism! The arts are thriving. Poverty is inexistent. People are having better sex. We managed to avoid catastrophic climate change, and we suddenly have free time on our hands. Hey, this is not so bad!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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