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"When the second child of an immigrant Bangladeshi family living Russia is born, he shortly finds himself in the care of a disabled Russian war veteran at the age of 2. In the aftermath of his parents divorce, he spends most of his time in growing up in Russia till the age of 11 when his caretaker is threatened and forced to leave. To find his biological mother and roots, he sets out on a journey through Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, and Canada in search of home, acceptance, healing - all while coming out and finding himself as a transgender man.

- This is a synopsis of an autobiographical story I had been working on since the age of 18. Now six years, later I had finally completed the first draft of it, and am ready to share it with you.

However, for the edits, costs of printing, illustrating, and final touches, I will need your help. With your donations and feedback, I can make this book a reality and keep on writing. 

I am hoping that through setting out with this journey with me in reliving the places, people, and stories, we can both learn from each other - I through your feedback and questions, and you through the lessons and experiences from my story, so together we can learn to better overcome challenges and find ourselves in the world. And, hopefully all those voices who are still waiting to write, can finally share their stories as well. 

Many thanks to all my patrons!

Lots of love, 
-  R. A.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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