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Bronze Baby
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You just wanna support my work and show your ever lasting love.
Which in turn means that I love you too beb.

You will get:
Access to some photo sets

My gratitude for helping to keep things going!
I'll also drop other goodies for you guys to enjoy too.
(on a rare occasion) 

Silver Sassy
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You won't find these full sets anywhere else!
and trust me, you won't want to miss them!

As well as Lingerie, you'll get access to my Lightroom and Photo Shop actions and presets!

You will get:
Lingerie Photo Sets

Access to Lingerie Photo sets
Access to Lightroom Presets
Access to Photoshop Presets

Golden Gravy
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Implied photo sets will be keeping things classy and sexy!
Not to be found anywhere else!

Did I mention video content?

Including Hot Photo shoot promo videos

So Yeah, there will be hot video content! Too hot for my Youtube channel!

You will get:
Access to all Implied photo sets
Access to HOT video content
All previous tier rewards (so access to everything!)



About Robbie Cancian

Whaddup Squad Fam!

As most of you probably already know, I am a Photographer from Hawke's Bay, NZ

I've been at odds with how to structure my photography business within my niche and figured Patreon would be a great way to go about it!

I wanna do my own style of shoots, bringing you guys some epic stuff with the amazing women of New Zealand!

Here you will find that "borderline" content that Instagram and Facebook don't like!

Lingerie to nude implied photo sets!
Even some dope AF videos that are too hot for my YouTube channel!

So prepare yourselves for the goods!
(cos it is good)
(i promise)
(kind of)

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I'll make prints of my best images and randomly select 10 Patrons to send them to!
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