Robbie Ierubino

is creating a fan-made audio drama of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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Hi. My name is Robbie Ierubino, and I am the writer, director, and producer of this project. I am mostly a contemporary graphic artist and graphic design student at Staffordshire University in England. But, in secret, I am a big fan of a TV show initially created for families called, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For years, I have been thinking about writing a story for My Little Pony. The story was in my thoughts for a long time, but I hadn’t written anything down. And after that, I decided to do it. I planned my story to be inclusive and diverse. I want to show the kindness and kind hearts of the brony fandom all over the world and help to change the hearts of the ill-informed. My story may be another lesson of friendship, but also, it has something to do with the meaning of love, peace, and happiness through limitations. To help the audience understand its moral, I decided to add and re-brand some of the MLP features in my upcoming radio play. And it is called, MY LITTLE PONY: THE UNEXPECTED FUTURE! So, with YOUR help and support, we can create a radio play that everyone can learn from and enjoy!

This MLP-based radio play is about three human beings, Danny Williams, Morgan, and Molly Brunner, trapped and banished to Equestria by one of Danny’s psychology clients. And by searching for help, they learned about the incident, which has caused the separation of the Mane Six, who are the only ones who could help them escape. So, it is up to them to talk to the six ponies and help them reunite with each other. And after completing the mission, Danny planned to continue the therapy with his unexpected client who banished him but with new friends.

I want my story to be supported and collaboratively made by those who wish to release the radio play on YouTube. So, here in Patreon, I made different reward selections for those who want to help or join my production club. I want to make it in a slow process so that could work more on my university coursework and wait patiently for anyone who wants to join in by making the radio play with me. That's why I set up goals on my Patreon page to achieve. Since I have started working on the script and process, I will be posting some personal news about the makings here on Patreon. And with YOUR help and support, we can create the radio play that everyone can learn from and enjoy!

Check out what auditions are open for you to join my project in the Casting Call Club link below!

Since I am trying to be very productive in my final university year, I planned to set the audition deadline for the radio play to Thursday, June 25, 2020. And with that in mind, there will be more auditionees who may have MORE time to volunteer as a member of the cast and crew of the radio play.
I cannot wait to get started with my radio play!
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