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About Robb Shecter

I believe that software licenses shouldn't be such a pain in the ass.  We shouldn't be forced to lie ("I've read it! I agree!") just to use something we bought.

In Plain English is a free weekly blog series where I suffer through pages of software licenses so you don't have to.  My readers and I have already learned that OS X El Capitan may not be used to run a nuclear power plant, and that selling remixes of those cool voices is strictly verboten.

I'm a software developer and attorney with a good understanding of trademark, copyright law, and licenses.  And somehow, the longer and more twisted a contract is, the more I enjoy it.

I wrote my first post, OS X El Capitan License: in Plain Text, in October 2015. I received an immediate positive response which was amazing and motivating.  This Patreon campaign will make it possible for me to regularly write plain-English translations and answer readers' questions.

Thank you for your support!
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Somehow, I've ended up living a Mac life. My Windows computer is pretty neglected. With this goal reached, I'll expand my translations into the Microsoft world. I'll have a budget for new Windows software upgrades, which means new licenses to translate!
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