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About Roberta Lea

First and most importantly, thank you so much for choosing to support my work! I've been writing music for over 10 years and before I had excuse after excuse as to why my songs haven't reached the public ear. But the day and age we live in eliminates those excuses like flood water dowsing a small flame. The resources are endless and I simply need to use them. So here I am! A singer/songwriter aiming for the stars. Aiming for God's heart and aiming for yours. So thank you, once again, for your support. Rest assured that all will be put to good use!

You: What kind of use?

Me: Would you like details?

You: Yes, Please!

Me: Ok!!

1. Recording

So here's the plan. I have so much material, it's about enough for four or more studio albums. Recording that much music gets pretty expensive. Your support will help me get in the studio to record professional quality music and being subscribed will get you sneak peak of all that's to come! Currently, I'm working on a project called, The Taste Test. It's essentially an E.P. that would serve to be sort-of a preface to the works to come. Featuring singles like "Water 'n Wine" and "On the Way" every song is intended to be a sample of what people can look forward to. By subscribing, not only will you support the creation of this "sample" The Taste Test, but you'll also get to sample the samples! Sneak peak exclusives before anyone else!

2. Touring

Music is like water. It takes shape and conforms to the vessels willing to hold it. On tour, I would be able to connect with those who need the encouragement and inspiration. The venues and locations will become my vessel and touring will give me the opportunity to pour out over and over again. Your support will help me take all that has been created on the road. See, it's one thing to get in the studio and make music. Post it online and on the streaming services and call it a day. But that's not what we're really after, here. We're after the heart of humanity. We're after the heart of God. And the best way for people to come across the awesome music that you're sponsoring is to get right in front of them on stage. So touring is essential, and your aid will help me accomplish that!

3. Influence

My ultimate goal as an artist is to do my part in influencing the world in a positive direction. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the power of music, even when it comes to a 30 second commercial. Music can make people do strange things, lol. In west Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days.....

See! See!!

But jokes aside, I'm here to see humanity win. I'm here to tell young girls like me that they're not alone. I'm here to tell single mothers that there's hope. To tell young men to become the American Dream. And to tell humanity that they are Sons and Daughters of King, making them Royalty and heirs to an inherited throne. 

So join me! Join me on this incredible journey of creating genuine, raw, organic music. Join me on touching hearts, one song at a time. 

Much love and peace!!
Roberta Lea

(Hey! That rhymes! Did you see that! lol)
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