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About Robertge

Hi everyone! My name is Jason, or better known as Robertge.

What is Patreon?

Patron is a great site that lets you help out freelance artists who might not have the luxury of paying expenses like bills and necessities. Instead of having to pay outrageous prices for art, you could donate and help out however you can! This can lead you to seeing content that might not be posted anywhere else!

Why Use Patreon?

In these troubling times, Ive been struggling with my own work, my life, and my career as my own artist. I don't have the time I used to anymore, and it seems like Ill need as much help as i can get. 

What's On The Table?

Sketches, commission, and other neat things! Access to an Ask series involving an Alternate Universe of Undertale, a monthly voting poll for pin ups of hot wifus, as well as monthly colored sketch commissions you can only get on Patreon! Also, gain access to the webcomic series im working on with Desmond Fallout, "Crimson Knight!", a furry comic about a knight who gets trapped as a dragon milf!

Ive also added a public Discord server! PM me for details in joining!
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I thank you for supporting me. You have my thanks! Get access to all the sketches Ive been working on with commissions or personal projects!
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Get access to more colored work Ive been doing, whether that be projects Im personally working on, or stuff Ive done for friends.
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Ever wanted to see what a monster prince and their mom would say to one of your questions? 

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Monthly comics involving one of the Patrons from the sketch tier and up, picked at random.
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