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About Robert Marzullo

Hello my name is Robert A. Marzullo.  I am currently creating a self published book called Blackstone Eternal.  I also spend a lot of my free time creating how to draw videos on YouTube.  I love to share my progression of my art journey with everyone but at times it can be tough since I have to balance my commercial work with my free content.  By supporting here you can help me to keep sharing free content with everyone and keep pursuing my dreams of producing comic book art full time.  Along the way I will share ideas on what it takes to break into the industry and what connections to make.  

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At this amount I can spend more time in the studio producing art and sharing more video process content.  The Blackstone comic will slowly becoming more of my priority and be removed from the back burner!  I will also have the funds to update my recording setup to do traditional drawing videos as well.
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