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About robhal

Hi there,

Not sure if you guys know me or not, but back in SFxT era I used to take request of converting any mods to other costume emo (aka changing slot, eg: from C1 to C3, etc) and also used my limited modding skill and knowledge to port some SSF4AE/USF4 mods to SFxT complete with the game's native feature (2 fixed colors, can be color customized and also have Pandora mode skin) if possible.

Now that I also own SFV as well, I take the chance to try some modding too. But unlike many other modders who can create the character mods, I can't do those stuff because I lack of 3D modeling skill and also have some technical difficulties working on 3D model. Fortunately I am good on one thing, hex-editing; and fortunately as well that in SFV many things can be achieved by just hex-editing. For example: we can swap some costumes/mods to other slot (like C3 to C1), can swap character as well (like Juri model become Chun-Li), stage can be swapped too, can hide certain costume parts (not all though) and also some stage elements (like those unwanted NPCs), and many others.

FYI, I don't make this Patreon page for getting paid or similar from what I do above, neither I gonna ask anything in return. I just want to contribute something for SFV modding community, and those above are what I can do. If you guys want to support me, I am grateful and thank you very much. I am fine as well if otherwise as I still try to fulfill any hex-editing related stuff requests or ideas as much as possible.

Thank you for hearing my story :)
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UPDATE: The original goal already accomplished as I had bought several costume bundle packs and ultimately the SFVCE Upgrade Kit as well.

So now the new goal is to save some funds to buy "Street Fighter VI" when it is released in the future.
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