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You are keeping interactive fiction alive and paying me for the work I love best. Thank you! You will receive creative e-feelies - stories, artwork, music - for all of my games, and get access to Patron-only blog posts.


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Play my games before I release them! At this level, you will get the chance to play early access versions of my upcoming games, and chat with me and other testers about them. In return for providing suggestions and feedback, you'll receive (if you want!) a physical feelie in the mail for every game you beta-test.

Also includes e-feelies for all games and private blog access, as above.

Master Adventurer

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For about the average price of an indie game, you get:
- Physical feelies! At this level, you can provide a shipping address and I will POST REAL OBJECTS TO YOU IN REAL LIFE (if you want)! These may be professionally printed versions of the e-feelies - like the pulp zine for Detectiveland - or occasionally some other trinket.
So far, the feelies include:
-- For "Detectiveland", an original pulp zine and a poster-size map of New Losago;
-- For "Zeppelin Adventure", a map printed on authentic retro dot-matrix printer paper, and the newsletter of the East Mars Company
-- For "Pirateship", an original pirate gossip zine, a handmade treasuremap of the island, and your own miniaturised Spanish treasure fleet!
- Access to private posts and early access games, as per lower tiers




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About Robin Johnson

I make interactive fiction (IF) games, also known as text adventures. All my games are playable for free at They include Detectiveland, which won first place in the 2016 Interactive Fiction Competition; The Xylophoniad, which co-won the 2016 Spring Thing, Aunts and Butlers, which was nominated for two XYZZY Awards, and Hamlet - The Text Adventure, which was one of the first parser IF games playable on the web.

IF has a rich history, from the fiendishly puzzling text adventures of Infocom and M. Scott Adams, written for home microcomputers in the 1970s and '80s, to the friendlier branching narratives of today. 

My style of games has been called "new old school": puzzle-focused games with gently comic writing, but without the arbitrary cruelty that the genre used to be infamous for. Now and then I also make graphical puzzle games like Homicidal Robots, Inc. or Glastonbridge's Shunty Train.

Making an IF game is like writing a short novel, multiplied by a long programming project. It's a difficult process involving lots of different skills, which is why I enjoy it. There's the writing. There's the programming. In some of my games, there's music, which I play and record myself, and artwork, which I either draw myself or edit up from public domain images. All of these tasks are labours of love, and your support will help me make the time to do them all.

Feelies and e-feelies

In the golden age of interactive fiction, the undisputed genre masters Infocom used to pack their games with nicely printed documents and small trinkets, which they called feeliesCutthroats came with a book of adventure stories. A Mind Forever Voyaging came with the April 2031 issue of Dakota Online magazine. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy came with demolition papers for your house, demolition papers for your planet, and a plastic baggie purportedly containing a microscopic space fleet.

I'm continuing this tradition as rewards for my patrons, by making feelies and e-feelies for every game I release. E-feelies can be short stories, replicas of in-universe documents, pieces of music, and various small creative side-projects. At higher tiers, you can receive physical feelies - maps, booklets, and other surprises sent to you through the mail. Patrons also have the chance to play beta versions of upcoming games and help me out with feedback (for which you'll get bonus feelies.)

The physical feelies so far include:
  • For Detectiveland, a glossy fold-out map of New Losago and a copy of pulp magazine Astonishing Tales of Astonishment
  • For Zeppelin Adventure, a map of the Robot Free State on authentic green-striped dot-matrix paper and a copy of the East Mars Company's internal newsletter
More will be created as I create them – in various stages of production are: a redfigure wall-frieze for The Xylophoniad; a Wodehousean short story booklet for Aunts and Butlers; and a real Commodore 64 game on cassette for Portcullis

Thank you!
$208.15 of $1,000 per game
WOW. At this stage I could go part time in my day job and treat this like a second proper job.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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