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is creating videos on Youtube and livestreaming on Twitch
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About Robin Nilsson

I love testing out new tech and new gadgets. I also love making videos and talk about all the cool stuffs that we have in this world. 
So that it what I do, I make youtube videos and I also live stream on Twitch when I am playing some games.

My name is Robin and I live with my wife and son in south of Sweden. When I find the time between being a husband and a father, I love playing games and try out new tech and new gadgets. Everyone that knows me says that all I talk about is either tech or games.

I want to explore this world even further and I do think that Patreon is a great way to do this. It helps people explore their interests even further and I love that idéa.

If you have any questions to me, feel free to send a message, comment my videos or hook me up on Twitch.

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When I reach 500$/month, I can start to make more videos with better quality. I will hire one to help me with editing the videos.
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