Robin Vincent

is creating videos on music technology, modular synthesis and the Surface.

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About Robin Vincent

My name is Robin Vincent and I make videos about music technology, software, hardware and modular synths. I produce reviews, tutorials, monthly news roundups and I've been sharing my journeys into using the Microsoft Surface Pro as a music platform and building a Eurorack modular synth. But if you're here then you probably know some of that already.

I produce under the name of Molten Music Technology, which is the umbrella that keeps all the stuff I do together. Making videos is the thing I like to do best. I like nothing better than getting under the skin of complicated music-making machinery and explaining it to the world. The way that the channel has grown and the conversations we have had in the comments, make me believe that you enjoy it too! But, it's also the thing that brings in the least amount of money for the effort I put in. So, I find myself in a position where I'd love to keep on making videos, but I also need to pay the bills and I'm trying to strike a balance.

Patreon is a way that you can support me in making more of the content that you want to see. Becoming a Patron means that you'll be giving me some money every month in order to help me make these videos. You could see it as a magazine subscription, or an opportunity to buy me a pint to thank me for something you've found useful in my content. You can contribute anything from a dollar a month up to as much as you like. There will be different tiers or levels of contributions that will give you certain rewards. For instance, sign up for over $3 and you'll get early access to my videos before they go live on YouTube. I haven't exactly worked out anything beyind that yet but that's something we can talk about. And that's the point - becoming a Patron means you'll be joining my journey, connecting to my community and helping me curate the content of Molten Music Technology. So, have a look around, choose a tier and then go and make some tunes!
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Reaching $100 a month would be an awesome thing. It would be an indication that this could really work and we are on our way. To celebrate I'll get a new shirt in. I might put it to a vote although I am terribly fussy about these things.
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