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About Robin Weser

My name is Robin Frischmann and I work on Fela, which is a high-performance toolbelt for state-driven styling in JavaScript.

I would like to be able to allocate more time to the project as well as the ecosystem.

Some major things I am working on:
Fela: The core library itself + all plugins/enhancers/bindings
- Elodin: A Universal Styling Language
Bredon: A high-detail CSS value parser to build tools
inline-style-prefixer: An Autoprefixer for JavaScript objects
theming: A universal theming solution for React-like UI libraries

If you want to get high-quality tools for a next-level CSS experience and maintainable CSS at scale, I would really appreciate any donation. Donations help me to work on these projects instead of working on company time. Right now, most projects are purely done in my spare time and this is neither sustainable nor healthy.
$14 of $250 per month
With this amount of money, I would be able to spend a full day every month on Fela and it's ecosystem. This includes improvements, new features and of course documentation, blog posts, workshops and tutorials.
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