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  My name is Kaique, but you can simply call me K. I am a 24 years old brazilian freelance designer and illustrator trying to make a living of my drawings. I'm also the creator of the project "Bestiário Perdido (Lost Bestiary)" at Instagram. Welcome to my Patreon page, here you will find some of my best artworks and I really hope you enjoy what you see here.

  I first saw drawing as what I would like to do for a living when I was at Highschool, however I have been drawing since I was 10 years old. Drawing is what I do best and I want to give people a little bit of joy and inspiration through my work. I also like a lot to help beginners to develop their skills, so expect to find some tips here and there.

  I hope you enjoy my work and the rewards you can get by pledging.
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