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About RobTec

My friend Mark and I sat one evening, eating cornflakes with juice. And he tells me...

"Joe, imagine if there are a mupliplayer game about street gangs like Peaky Blinders. Everyone wears a caps, smokes cheap cigarettes, a bootleggers are destilating moonshine, and in the country prohibition time and the police raid them... And there are brass knuckles..."

And I look so at him...
"We can try doing this as mod, only models are needed"
"Can you do it?"
"No, I cant but i'll try"
"All right"
"What do we'll name it?"

This was perhaps the simplest development stage...
Honestly, then we still did not know what awaited us. At first it looked very strange. But adding new mechanisms to the game we changed it every week...
And we are trying to work out everything that is important for feeling the world that we are creating.

Arrange warehouse robberies, fight with other gangs,
sell smuggling, bootlegging, searches, arrests, killings,
be the harbinger of anarchy
...And don't forget about fingerprints...
And much more

We love new games, we love multiplayer, we have few restrictions and we are without brakes. That is why we need the support of everyone who loves this as we.

Why do we need support to keep doing this?
We dedicate to Roverside all the creative potential that we have. All the time that we have. But our finances are limited, and when we run out of money, we will not be able to continue to work on this project. That is why it would be cool to get even a little support from people

$3 of $150 per month
The first goal is to create a constantly working server.
Having the necessary technical skills, we do it.
But our personal budget is not enough for equipment rental and stable work on the project. So we really need your support
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