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Due to my current schedule and wanting to get to other projects I won't be able to honor requests for a while. I'd like to take requests again sometime in the future but right now I can't. Any current request I have as I'm writing this will still be honored though. I'll leave this tier open for anyone that wants to support me but if you have a request just know it will be a long time before I can get to it.

Please read!

Your request must be an animated series or movie (no anime), I must be able to find it on dvd, vhs or at least get decent quality footage of it somewhere online, and for a series it must be complete or no longer airing on TV and I must be able to find at least a decent amount of episodes. Your request cannot be any of the preset goals (see Goals on this page). Please note that there may be some delays in getting to your request. I reserve the right to postpone it for any reason. Though this will most likely be because of things like holiday reviews, milestones, collaborations, and things like that. I also cannot adhere to any specific release dates due to my already busy schedule. But rest assured if you donate at this tier I WILL honor your request and prioritize it as best I can. You must stay at this tier for at least 1 month! Once the month rolls over and you get charged you are free to lower your pledge if you like.




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About RobTheWonderful

I've had a love for cartoons for most of my life and have been making videos talking about them since 2009 as part of a video series I call The Cartoon Clipshow which have gotten very popular. However, due to multiple financial reasons, it's become harder to make them.

I also have ambitions to take this further by creating original content or possibly get to develop my own ideas and bring them to life but at the moment it's become difficult to pay my own bills and deal with my college dept. My current job consumes a large chunk of my time which prevents me from focusing on content creation and other aspirations. For me to move forward I'll need a lot of assistance but I'll take what I can get. Every little bit helps!

Youtube Channels:
Main Channel: RobTheWonderful
Toy Channel:
Gameplay Channel:

Twitter: @RobTheWonderful
Facebook Page: Planet-Rob
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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