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About roBurky

Hi, I'm roBurky. I make stuff.
I tell stories about games, like the tale of Alice and Kev.
I make videogames, like the arcade experience Three Body Problem.
And since early 2017, I’ve been making mods for The Sims 4.

What I'm doing now

I am mostly building mods for The Sims 4. But I balance this with freelance work and part-time playwork with children with disabilities.

What makes The Sims exciting for me is the collaborative way you work with the game to create a story. You come with an idea for who your sim is, and what kind of life they're going to have, and then the game pushes back with some ideas of its own, and what comes out can be surprising and affecting.
The mods you see me make will generally be intended to help along this kind of play. Although there might also be some other kinds of things from time to time.

You should see some kind of mod update from me at least once a month. When a new game patch is released, you should also expect a patreon post from me soon after to let you know what mods, if any, require an update.

Other stuff I do

I am perhaps still best known for telling stories about games I play, and this patreon will be my home for these kinds of writings going forward. Finding the kind of game that will inspire this type of thing isn't easy, so it's not something I can commit to on a schedule, but when it happens, my patrons will be the first to read it.

Becoming a patron

When you pledge to this patreon, you're giving me a little bit of money every month to help keep me alive, sheltered, fed, and making things. You're thanking me for the things I've made that you have enjoyed, and supporting me for the things I will make in the future.

When you become a patron, no matter the amount you pledge, you will get email alerts whenever I release an update or something new, and in your patron welcome message you will find a link to a download key for my little arcade game Three Body Problem as thanks for your support.

When you pledge at the +2 Playful tier or above, you can also join my community of testers. You will get access to patron-only posts that will contain links to stable preview builds of mods and games that I make, some of them practically finished and just waiting for me to add screenshots to their download page, some of them works-in-progress that I would love it if you could give me feedback on.

When you pledge at the +3 Inspired tier, you will become part of the process and guide what I make next. Occasional polls will give you the option of voting for which project or feature I've been working on I should focus on next. A special Discord channel will also host download links for my experimental creations for you to test out and help me decide if they are worth pursuing further.

Thank you

Whether you're able to pledge or not, thank you so much for just reading this page and considering it.

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