is creating leftist videos, crappy memes and livestreams
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Heck yeah, 1 dollar!

You get:

- A credit in a title card at the end of every video!

- You'll know the topic of my next video!

More perks will be added along the way c':

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You get:

Everything Pals get along with:

- A special role on my discord server (which is ebic)

- You can send shoutouts and plug your channel on my videos (as long as it's leftist friendly c;)!

-  Access to comrade-only content i'll make from time to time such as crappy vloggy vids or stuff you may not see on the yt channel.

You'll be in a comrade-only list at the end of my videos where i'll giva ya a smol but epic shoutout!

Includes Discord rewards
Awesome Robyist
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10 Dollars!!?? Wow, you are great! :D

You get:

Everything Pals and Comrades get along with:

- A super mega special role on my discord server (AWESOME)

- Opportunity to join me on my livestreams or leave pre-recorded messages for me to play ( Plugging stuff is ok as long as it's leftist-friendly and wholesome ;D)

-  At the end of every video, you'll be part of a very special list where i'll put your name along with your social media (ie. twitter, facebook, youtube...)


- Access to my scripts (once i start using them lol!) and more youtube-related stuff

- You'll become a trusted MOD on my youtube channel, Twitch and Discord!  Isn't that Awesome?! 

Includes Discord rewards




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About Robykyun

Heyo! Welcome to the Robykyun Patreon! I create videos, political memes and other content related to anarchism, socialism, solidarity, internationalism and other good stuff like that! 

While creating the type of content i make is not very hard (at the moment), i'm hoping to make actual videos for you guys, and i would need better equipment for that which ofc costs money. So, if you actually like the type of content i create or wanna see me try more type of content and you have some bucks to spare, then, your donation would be welcome! <3

One thing: I love EVERYONE on my community, whether you donate or not, i'll still appreciate the fact that you support me <3

If ya wanna see the content i make subscribe to my Youtube Channel and/or my Twitch!

You can also find me on Twitter!

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