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About Robyn McClendon

Robyn is a Nationally know artist living in the Southwest, exhibiting nationally and internationally with exhibitions in the Smithsonian Museums, Corcoran Art Gallery and art in the permanent collections of The MOMA as well as other notable collections.
She is a Master Bookbinder and Papermaker having studied in the tradition of Apprenticing as these were dying art forms in the 80's and only being revived by artists. She subsequently taught in Universities and Museum systems as an Adjunct Professor, often times setting up the programs in the Art Departments of these Schools nationally, as the discipline of "Book as Art" was becoming recognized as a significant art form.
Her design experience has won notable commissions: these include creating a distinctive award for Dr. Dorothy Irene Height's "Uncommon Height" Project which celebrated those who through their outstanding contributions has contributed to this country's advancement. Previous recipients have been Oprah, Dr. Maya Angelou, Vanessa Williams and Vernon Jordan, to name a few. Additionally, She has designed for Essence Communications, Ikea, Target, and UNICEF.
Robyn continues to work with individuals to help them create businesses and projects that incorporate their ideas, goals and dreams through personal Authenticity Coaching, Workshops, Seminars and Webinars.
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