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Games made by Rocket Jumping Spiders will go through Alpha, Beta, and Release Candidate stages before seeing their final release. While Alphas may or may not be available to the public at large on a game-by game basis, Betas will be available to all patrons for testing - and only patrons.

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At this level, you can not only play games in the Beta stage, but also games in the Alpha stage (that aren't already available to the general public) and Release Candidate stage. You have full freedom to explore all of RJS's works in progress!

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I have a lot of games I want to make someday, and quite the amassment of notes and spreadsheets regarding them! I've been tight lipped about them only because I doubt people will be interested in ideas for games that will take years at best to see the light of day, but if you prove your interest by pledging at this level, I'll give you all the juicy details of my envisioned future for RJS!

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About Rocket Jumping Spiders

Rocket Jumping Spiders is a game development circle headed by Chance Hanley, who is also the main programmer. Inspired by Japanese "doujin circles" like Tasofro and Orange Juice, RJS emphasizes tight design, player-friendliness, designing multiplayer for community over competition, and stylization over graphical prowess.

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