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Hi there, I'm HalfwayDead and I run a YouTube channel called Rocket Science. On there I upload videos about Rocket League, though some are relevant for all games. Rather than trying to make straightforward tutorials which tell you what buttons to press, I take a look at the game from a more abstract POV; using the scientific method to figure out the game's physics and inner workings. Every video is a lot of effort, as I create animations and charts specifically for them to be as easily understood as possible.

Why Patreon?
I want to release videos regularly - one every two weeks (with exceptions for bigger projects). This requires a lot of time. By making money from this next to university, I will not have to use my time on other jobs.
YouTube ad money is not good source of income for a channel of my type. It might be fine for someone who uploads a 30 min unedited video every day but for someone like me who puts multiple hours of work into 1 minute of video there is not much money to be gained which is why, until now I've paid a lot more than I've earned.

Thanks to every patron for making this possible.
$168.60 of $400 per month
This minus the expenses I have will allow me to comfortably make the videos as a job next to university. It will also give me the financial freedom to buy additional controllers and testing gear for input lag tests and more.
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