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About Radiostorm

Thanks for visiting!  We are Radiostorm, a small internet radio group creating live radio and video content.

Most of our equipment is donated, either by one of our founders, or other generous parties.  From time to time our stuff breaks down and that is what we created the Patreon for.  Basically 95% of our earnings goes to paying record label royalties and basic expenses (office and internet service).  This means if anything goes wrong or needs upgrading, we usually can't afford to do it right away or at all.  Because our YouTube record postings involve copyrighted material, we also get zero earnings from that as well.

Our first goal is to replace our old radio mixing board with a newer one, thanks in advance for your help!  Even $1 makes a big difference.

We will make a best effort to publish on all possible platforms for our viewers to enjoy!  If YouTube blocks it will be published elsewhere!  Also enjoy audio podcasts on demand for being a patron!
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New needles for turntables and buying records!
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