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About RocknMob

  РУССКАЯ версия:


We are an explosive movement of the rock warriors from Russia, and we are melting our socks off with our Army of Rock!

Quite likely that Russia for you is just a cold country full of bears and vodka, and maybe you even heard that every Russian knows how to play balalayka. So, here we are to tell you a bit more about our Army of Rock that performs live the world's greatest rock hits! And yeah, we do have balalayka indeed, a really big one!

Rocknmob - it is not just get-together-to-play-some-songs for tens and hundreds of rockers who have never met before for such gigs. It is much more - a whole movement of incredibly talented, open-minded, friendly and supportive people! And we would be happy if you joined and supported us!

By the way, all our videos you can watch on our youtube channel or watch the playlist

Well, everything started up from Rockin1000 project. We were inspired so much by their performance in 2015, that we decided to make it happen in Russia as well. We wanted to express our love to our favorite bands, to invite ones that has not been here for a long time and just to organize a mind-blowing gig. We could not even dream of reaching out such bands as Bon Jovi, Linkin Park or Pain, who shared our videos on their official pages. We could not imagine how many supporters we would meet among these bands fan-communities and we could not know how many friends we would meet in Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Germany, Finland and other countries!

But later we realized that Rocknmob was so inspiring not only for us, but also for every participant! Therefore something that started out as an experiment turned out into a non-commercial massive rock movement that brings together more and more people who are ready to melt their faces off under scorching sun or when it’s Russian Winter outside no matter what!

Rocknmob has been and always will be absolutely free for participants and spectators.
Up to now our team of organizers has been doing everything at our own expenses. But it gets more and more costly to rent musical equipment, to hire cameramen and video-creators. It takes more and more time to create tutorials for mobs in different cities, to organize rehearsals and to be in touch with every single participant.

We should say huge thanks to High-Gain Studio from Moscow and to our friends in Samara and Saint-Petersburg for helping out “no questions asked” with transportation and setting up the scenes.

But time has come when we need some help from community. We wanna grow, we wanna be better and we need you!

Every single payment would allow us to make our gigs a bit better - we can get more equipment, upgrade existing stuff, get instruments for participants that could not bring their own ones. And what is even more important - we can capture the whole world: we would love to come to Brazil and Netherlands, to Finland and USA, to Germany and everywhere else! We know how to organize mobs, we know what to pay attention to, we know how to record tutorials and how to rock. We really want to let as many rockers as possible be part of our Army of Rock and to let them experience the incredible emotions of our live performances!

So, we invite you to rock off with us, join Army of Rock and change the world together! Long live rock’n’roll!
$34.50 of $500 per month
With $500 a month we could cover some of our expenses for equipment and video-editing. This level would be good to start with!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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