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About RockyMountainFly

Welcome to the page! Thanks for flying in! My name is Lane, I'm just an aspiring pilot from Casper, Wyoming working towards a lifelong career in aviation. My primary reason for starting this page is to kick-start a monstrous idea/goal; two things I absolutely love to do are fly and do good for others. In 2014 a Columbus, Ohio resident launched a crowdfunding campaign to make a potato salad & raised a staggering $55,000 in roughly a month. If that much can be raised for such a comical reason, certainly more can be raised to do good. As dauntingly large as it seems now, I've brainstormed the idea of becoming a commercial pilot, partnering with organizations that help families & children in need, and forming a fleet of aircraft with a team of crews to run angel flights. But wait, aren't there such outfits in existence already? Yes, several, but the need still exists and I'd ultimately like to take it up a few notches!
WHAT IF THERE WAS A FLEET OF HIGH-END AIRCRAFT AVAILABLE TO THESE FAMILIES TO TAKE THEM AS VIP's TO WHATEVER THEIR DESTINATION MIGHT BE? I'm not by any means undermining those who operate such flights with everyday general aviation aircraft. These pilots & aircraft owners are phenomenal people doing a great service to people who cannot afford travel costs to make an appointment or event. They are truly outstanding people who give hours of their time & effort to a great, great cause. I just envision a way to make the experience even better for as many as can be accommodated. This may sound like I'm swinging for a fence that's not even in the same zip code, but it's something I'd like nothing more than to bring to reality! Join me on this crazy adventure & I look forward to where the journey takes us!

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