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About Residence of Evil

Who are we and what is the RESIDENCE of EVIL?
(Who are ya, whattaya doin' here!? - Robert Kendo)

The RESIDENCE of Evil is a YouTube channel which features Resident Evil news, interviews, ROE podcast, livestreams & more. The ROE team is made up of longtime Resident Evil fans, J.J., Tony, Ali, Beggy, Cory & Bob. Together, we create content for fans by fans.

What sets us apart from other Resident Evil and Survival Horror channels?

We strive to set ourselves apart from other Resident Evil and Survival Horror channels by delivering fans professional, high quality, well researched, well edited videos and featuring new and exciting content not featured on other Resident Evil channels. This content includes interviews with the developers and actors behind some of the most iconic survival horror games. For example,

+ Alyson Court - Claire Redfield - Resident Evil
+ D.C. Douglas - Albert Wesker - Resident Evil
+ Paul Mercier - Leon Kennedy - Resident Evil
+ Invader Studios - Creators of Daymare 1998 & Resident Evil 2: Reborn
+ Reuben Langdon - Mo Cap for Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Piers Nivans - Resident Evil
+ Sarah Coates - Marguerite Baker - Resident Evil 7
+ Erin Cahil - Rebecca Chambers - Resident Evil: Vendetta
+ Kevin Dorman - Chris Redfield - Resident Evil Vendetta
+ Much more!

In these interviews we have genuine, real conversations and talk about things fans want to know about. We also ask questions from the ROE community.

We're also currently developing our own game titled, Vigil. Vigil pays homage to classic Survival Horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It's being developed by MoonGlint in Unreal Engine 4.

Why Patreon?

I've been a huge fan of Resident Evil ever since 2 came out in 1998. I decided to take my passion of graphic design, video editing and resident evil to create the ROE. Along the way I met some new friends that share a similar passion for Resident Evil and even had some of their own ideas to bring to the table.

The ROE has grown faster then I could've ever hoped for and I'm extremely grateful. I see a lot of potential in expanding the channel and adding everything I could ever want but conventions, equipment, licensing, etc. can be very expensive. Patreon could help with the costs of running a channel while also improving and adding more content.

The Future of the ROE

The future for the ROE is very bright. Our goal is to create the very best content we possibly can while giving fellow fans what they want. Together we can make the best Resident Evil and Survival Horror channel on YouTube! Thank you for your time.

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