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Sorry, folks. It's down to "at least one photographic article per month", not three. A good article takes at least three days to put together, and I just didn't have the time. I also figure that if you really like what I do, you'll probably support me anyway, for this and for the free .eu site -- where it's easier to find and where there's more stuff coming up. A chimney fire, a a roof damaged by the firefighters and leaking, a diagnosis of osteoarthritis: all led to a depression in which I've done very little. Again, sorry, and if you want to drop your patronage, I'll understand. 
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As for the $2 Subscriber level, but also access to existing e-books and (I hope) new ones in the future. Until I work out how to put PDFs into Patreon this will just be on demand: contact me via Facebook and I'll send you what you want. 




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Frances Schultz and Roger Hicks are best known for writing about photography, with many books and countless magazine articles to our names. Go to, though, and you'll see that there's lots, lots more: short stories, recipes, PPE (philosophy, politics and economics), accounts of life in rural France... This will be similar, except that you have to pay a tiny amount per month for new stuff.
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A lot of people enjoy the stuff that Frances and I do, and find it useful. You can still enjoy a vast amount of the free stuff on our other sites, and, but there will be a small amount of  new stuff on Patreon as "rewards" for patrons, so why not take a small gamble? I've gone back to using .eu for a lot of stuff, though, because it's easier to find there.
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