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Milestone Goals
$500 per short film
This is the first fundraising goal for the series, in order to meet HALF of the expenses of my working on this series. This takes the first half-way step. Let's reach this goal and I will send out exclusive links to a celebration film for patrons, and a thank you message handwritten with a beautiful drawing, photographed and emailed to the patrons. Let's go for it!
My Favorite Things
$1,000 per short film
This marks the landmark when basic expenses for full-time work on this series are covered. This is a beautiful thing for my heart to transition to this as my work. In return, these are a few of my favorite things! Upon achieving this goal, I will send all patrons a rich email with links to my favorite things - songs, sacred texts, poems, a couple places you could consider journeying to... And again, I will write a handwritten thank you message with a drawing and email it to the patrons.


I have been using film as a medium for expression for over 10 years professionally. This channel is my next offering. I live and work out of my studio at a spiritual eco-village in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. (nephew Wally with me in the photo).


Stafford, CT, USA
Shutesbury, MA, USA

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Reaching the 1st GOAL:
LAUNCH $500 per video.


Sacred art has a very important purpose. It is a mirror that awakens and confirms the higher nature within us, vibrationally. To immerse ourselves in visionary art is to allow our thoughts and senses to be opened and invited into expansion. Patrons are supporters of these films, who get benefits and who help to support and expand the channel.

Examples of the films below:

As this Channel expands on Patreon, I am oftentimes working on other paid work.  My aim is to continue to expand this channel and shift over to be able to consistently work on this. I will be focused on the short films aspect of things (never more than 2 per month so far - 1-5 minutes each, but also intend to release images and writings and even sound-recordings of poetry. The channel may evolve to be more multi-media.

Support this channel's continued growth!

RING Channel Extended:

Want to see unreleased films that aren't public yet? For the RING Channel Extended, every month, this includes one unseen visual poem AND every other month, access to one longer piece: a film or audio recording. (5 -15 minutes) These longer films will dive deeper, and be more raw in nature. Be the first to see these films as a $5 patron of this EXTENDED Channel, before they are released on a compilation DVD or later on the channel!

My time, work, overhead, hired help, equipment, and other expenses. The process of creating these films is a lot like what happens in "sugar shacks" where they boil sap into maple syrup (40 gallons of footage turns into 1 gallon of final video). 

In the future, I'd love to invest in new equipment: a ghost 3-axis camera stabilizer, a quacopter for aerial shots, and a 4k camera. 


Can I put a cap on how much I contribute each month? Definitely. If you're concerned about going over your budget, there's an easy way to set a monthly maximum for yourself when you're entering your payment info.

Can I stop being a patron in the future if I can't afford it? Yes of course! If you can't afford to be a patron in the future, or you need to contribute less that's absolutely fine. You can just log in to change or cancel the account whenever you want.

Why support art? Every choice we make, every action we take, every thing we pay for actively builds the world around us. When we pledge towards art like this channel, we are using our money to do more than just support that work, we are using our money to speak for something new in the world. Art deeply influences culture. Through supporting the kind of art you love, you can be proud and happy to be bringing about a new world that resonates with you.


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If it is a desire of yours to support the channel in other ways, please consider sharing the films on your facebook, blog, newsletter, spiritual posts, or spiritual forums.

Pledge $50.00 or more per short film

1 patron (Limited 4 of 5 left)
- Associate Producer Credit: for all films released during your support, including the longer-form ones for RING Channel Extended. This is an official credit, meaning it is listed anywhere the credits for the film appear, if it's at festivals, online materials, directly in Vimeo description credits, and any other place the film credits appear. These 5 Associate Producer credits are currently offered here on Patreon. This honor of being a credited Associate Producer on the RING Channel is something you can be proud of - You are a pillar of support for the series. Thank you.
- A Personal 1 Hour Skype with me when you first sign up, where we can briefly meditate together, where I can thank you face to face, and where we can comfortably sit together and enjoy a conversation from anywhere in the world.
- Monthly Q & A - I'll keep a rolling list of questions from my $10 patrons and higher, then a moderator will pick the 10 most popular/frequent ones for me to answer in a typed-up response.
- RING Channel Extended: Access to one unreleased exclusive short film, every month. AND Access to one longer film, every other month. (5 -15 minutes) These longer films will dive deeper, and be more raw in nature. Humans BEING themselves, lifestyles or examples of presence, and exploring new expression. Deep interviews or teachings. Be the first to see these films as a subscriber of this EXTENDED Channel, before they are released on a compilation DVD or exclusive digital release!
- Name in Credits: Your name will be honored on the credits page, linked to from every video.
- You will also have access to my Patreon activity feed, where I'll post insights, interests, and updates on the work.
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